Why Choose Us

One thing we’ve learned over our decades of managing associations in many sectors is that all organizations are not created equal. Each has its unique vision, its personalities, and its challenges which must be overcome.

Strong Financial Management

Much more than just a bookkeeping service, Pathfinder goes far deeper. Our experience with associations allows us to proactively apply proven princples to maintain a healthy financial outlook, and even set dues levels to optimize your membership volume.

All the Administration You Need

Pathfinder provides an economical alternative to permanent, full-time salaried administrative employees. Outsourcing administrative duties saves resources and time for association members, and employs proven systems with high accountability. Volunteer leaders can free up time to concentrate on association goals over administrative tasks.

Membership Engagement Specialists

Pathfinder will assist to build and maintain your membership numbers, and ensure that you communicate regularly with your membership using relevent content and effective media.

We’ll Scale Up (or Down) as Needed

We’re with you during the good times and bad. We can scale our services to meet surges in membership, or even to scale back if membership declines. You’ll only pay for what you need.

We Know Associations

With decades of experience, we know exactly what challenges are most commonly faced by associations, and we’ve created our comprehensive suite of relevant services accordingly.

Crisis Management

Is your association truly prepared to handle a crisis situation? We’ve been there many times, and we’re ready and able to assist with contigency plans, and immediate action as required.

Senior Experience + Youthful Enthusiasm

With Pathfinder, you’ll get both. While nothing can replace the expertise gained from experience, much can be gained from the energy and fresh outlook afforded by our youthful associates.

“Pathfinder has produced some fine work for us with the annual databases, website improvements, online membership and gift shopping.”

— Duncan Miller, Former Vice Admiral, Canadian Naval Memorial Trust


“Pathfinder Group’s experience and professionalism were important factors in the successful formation of NSCASLP”

Patricia L. Cleave, PhD, SLP-Reg Past President, NSCASLP - read the letter of reference 

Trusted. Experienced. Ready.

Pathfinder Group is your trusted partner to help ensure a smooth-running association.