The path can be difficult, but you don’t need to navigate it alone.

Managing and governing your association can be demanding at the best of times. As new challenges emerge, there is no substitute for the experienced guidance afforded by seasoned professionals. 

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One that discovers a new course or way, especially through or into unexplored regions.

Since 1966, Pathfinder Group has offered trusted leadership and relevant guidance to associations, societies, and member groups. We recognize that each organizion is unique, and we tailor our approach accordingly.

In today’s evolving environment, associations must compete for a dwindling share of volunteer time. Innovative groups have discovered that association management firms can be trusted to provide leadership and governance, and to handle financial and administration tasks. Working with an association management firm frees volunteer leader time, allowing the core team to concentrate on association goals over administrative tasks.

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“I continue to be impressed with the friendly, thorough and professional manner in which they assist with the affairs of the Society.”

— Nelson Ferguson, VP The Scots Society