Membership Services

The customized service offerings we provide to our associations are as varied as the associations themselves. First, we listen, and then we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each client.

Pathfinder Group will provide your organization with an office of record, staffed from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. As a result, your organization receives a full-time office for part-time rates. Pathfinder Group can be the point of contact for your members, other organizations, and the community at large.

Our office has equipment that will enable your organization to expand the way it communicates such as: computer network, Internet access, E-mail, facsimile, telephone, photocopier, and presentation capabilities. By choosing Pathfinder Group you will reduce your need for capital investments in furniture, office equipment, and information systems infrastructure. We can provide you with meeting room space as well as storage facilities.

Services Include:

  • Provide and maintain centrally located office to serve as Association headquarters, open Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm AST
  • Mailing address and telephone services
  • Provide central files and storage of materials, current and historical
  • Maintain working supplies inventory
  • Answer and/or route correspondence and telephone calls
  • Maintain a scheduling calendar of events
  • Service association email address
  • Provide support to Board and other related committees

For many professional organizations, self-regulation is an important element in maintaining the integrity of the profession. At Pathfinder Group we can work with your organization to coordinate the licensing and regulating process.

Services Include:

  • Policy design and development
  • Guidance to association leadership to work with government effectively
  • Communication with government departments
  • Functioning as admissions officer
  • Ensuring requirements set out by the Board are being fulfilled
  • Administration of the registration process
  • Administer Proctor exams as required
  • Notification of relevant agencies of new license
  • Production of certificates

Since its inception in 1966, our staff and associates have routinely organized meetings of all sizes and formats. Membership meetings and events are the most tangible membership benefit. There are hundreds of details involved in organizing a membership meeting, conference, or tradeshow. We have the capability to organize your future conferences and trade shows, from pre-event promotional communications, site selection and vendor negotiations to the facilitation of registration and on-site convention management.

We are practiced in working with a client’s conference committee to develop a program that will be of interest to its members and be a success for the host organization.

Services Include:

  • Contract negotiation
  • Program development
  • Program structure
  • Event promotion
  • Event registration
  • Event sponsorship
  • Sales

Pathfinder Group has undertaken educational programs for a number of associations, and these have been designed to achieve objectives ranging from the identification of alternative sources of revenue for member organizations, to media campaigns for public education. Our staff can create newsletters, email broadcasts, social media, and web content. During the pandemic we were trusted to play a key role for our clients in disseminating information on protocols and the development of back to work transition plans.

Pathfinder Group is committed to providing cost effective, quality services to its clients that provide client organizations tangible benefits and valuable services to their members. Pathfinder Group believes that prompt delivery of membership services and timely response to members’ requests for information help build the credibility of the “value equation” that is key to membership acquisition and retention. Pathfinder Group currently offers the following membership services: provide front-line customer service to members and volunteer leaders; respond to all membership inquiries; members’ communication (mail, email, fax); review applications and determine eligibility; notify applicants of their acceptance or rejection as members; maintain organization membership database; update all member information (email, mail, etc.) as required; bill for annual dues (prepare invoices, process payment, update records, contact delinquents); compile and distribute membership directory; prospect research; and produce membership publications (i.e. newsletters).

Pathfinder Group understands that a healthy membership growth rate for our clients sends a positive message to their industry and improves public and member perception of that association. We recognize that to properly serve their own clients; members need timely responses to their questions. That is why our Membership Services team quickly turns around member inquiries, usually within 24 hours. Our onboarding approach to welcome new members is as follows: meetings to review membership information and dues structure, preparing and sending physical and digital information packages, giving tours of our office, and organization-specific requirements such as supervised exam writing.